The Guntur Diocese Social Service & Welfare Society (GDSS&WS) has grown into a towering tree completing forty-two years of unstinted service to the weaker sections of the community. This august institution had always made massive strides to stem the cycle of poverty and to create ample opportunities for the poor and under-privileged members of society. All this was achieved through well-planned, comprehensive and systematically organized programmes.

The developmental activities of GDSS&WS are all-embracing touching all sections of the community irrespective of caste and creed dimensions. Education, awareness generation on the importance of health, hygiene and sanitation, safe water, irrigation, housing and economic empowerment are important constituents to empower the poor and marginalized. The people are the architects of their own destiny. Hence the active participation of the target communities in project planning, implementation, and sustainability are insisted upon so that development reaches the people. In this way the communities themselves will be able to strive for their all-round progress and development.

GDSS&WS since its inception and for the last 42 years has done exceptionally well in empowering the people through various community development programmes adhering to its fundamental strategy of “Helping Communities To Help Themselves”. The Society had successfully motivated and transformed people to bring about lasting change in their situation. Sponsoring the education of children, establishing mineral water plants, construction of toilet blocks in schools and equipping schools with educational facilities enhanced the quality of education among the poor backward children. The staff had worked with commitment and missionary zeal to achieve the goal. I am eternally grateful to them

GDSS&WS along with the Executive Director will always remain deeply indebted to all our generous donors and well wishers, who had been supporting and continue to support us enabling us to accomplish our vision and mission. God bless one and all.

Rev. Dr. Govindu Rayanna
Executive Director, GDSS&WS