This sector deals with all educational programs such as educational sponsorship, construction of small schools and equipping schools with educational infrastructure.
We extend our services to children from socially marginalized communities through qualitative education and supply them educational kits. During the span of five years extending from 2014-2019, we met the educational needs of 6000 children through the supply of note books, two pairs of school uniforms, a school bag and a pair of shoes.
We have also undertaken the construction of class rooms in 3 schools mostly in rural areas and impart quality-based education. We encourage and help in building up the educational infrastructure in our schools. During the last five year period we equipped 57 schools, managed by the diocese, with computer systems, science laboratories, digital class rooms and libraries.
These educational units in schools are a significant help for the children to fulfill their primary purpose of education to cultivate a better society. This has brought out monumental changes infusing technology in learning and teaching practices.