Our Vision is to To empower the poor Urban and Rural communities specially the schedule castes, schedule tribes and backward class communities irrespective of caste, creed and religion.


Awakening critical consciousness and motivating collective action among the schedule castes, schedule tribes and backward class communities to transform themselves the community and the society at large in a place where justice, human dignity, peace and equality reign for the development of the people.



The Executive Committee and Staff of the GDSS & WS developed this strategic plan to lay a five-year roadmap for support, services and organizational development. The Executive Committee and staff will review the progress and update the plan annually. This plan was developed with broad involvement and guidance from the Executive Committee and staff for a critical review, re-orient and re-dedicate to change the faces of poverty and usher in a more dignified manner of living to the suffering poor. The Strategic Planning Committee included seven Executive Committee members and four members of the staff on the management team. This committee including 4 past directors of the society met twice during the year and reflected on the mission, vision, core operating values and assumptions underlying the organization’s approach to its work. These meetings set the stage for a work session of the full board during which the organization’s strategic direction was defined. The staff helped coordinate the planning process and provided important support and analysis to complete this plan.

The committee facilitated the planning process adopting the principles relating to the gospel values. It conducted an internal organization assessment and interviews with several community stakeholders and a review of demographic data of the villages. The organizational assessment helped the GDSS&WS to assess the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next five years and set the context for the choices reflected in this strategic plan.